A win-win-win

First of all, this is a win-win-win. Parents, children and the PTA all win.

  1. Parents pay the exact same price offered by the Cruise Line, including any special offers available at the time of booking. There is no difference between the price offered by the cruise line, and our agency. If anything, we prize ourselves for our Customer Care, and for our Concierge program we offer the PTA.
  2. Children get to see new destinations,understand the history and geography of new countries, in an immersive way. Many parents coming back from these experiences feel that, in the week they were on the cruise, their children became more mature, and more appreciative of the supportive environment they have from their families.
  3. The PTA creates a program is helps the equity for an outreaching organization, that creates highly educational programs, while also creating the amount of funds available to other PTA programs.

How it works? Step 1, we select a cruise jointly with you

We will carefully select one cruise that we want to co-market with you. We will present a few choices, based on your proximity to ports and cruise ship calendars.  It will be during the winter, spring or summer holiday, and generally will be a 5 to 7 day cruise. Once e selected, we will create a personalized page for the School PTA, with a signup form, and with marketing materials describing the cruise, the ports of calls, and the history and geography of the places will visit. We will hand pick the shore excursions, with an emphasis on education and discovery, and make that an option during booking.

Your dedicated travel concierge will be able to answer questions via email, phone of chat, if any questions arise during the booking period.

PTA engagement with parents

Cruise Offers for PTAThe PTA will help co-market the chosen cruise, and you will receive 30% of our commission – see calculation on the left to get a sense for the numbers to expect. Why not offer the parent team a great way to see new destinations, in a very family friendly environment, while also earning a marketing commission?

You already have a great engagement with the parents, and this will be one more program to communicate.

You will co-market the cruise on your newsletters – will provide the description, and pictures if needed. Anyone that signups for the cruise from the school with us will contribute to the PTA funds, to a total of 30% of our commission. This is our way t0 support your PTA, and create a highly educational event.

While onboard:

While on board, we will organize events for your group, be that a “meet and greet” with all participants, meet the crew, and destinations immersions. This is not just  another cruise, but one event that will further the equity of the PTA, and will enrich the children and their families.

Interested? Take the First step – will be in touch shortly.

PTA Cruise Co-marketing Interest Form

If interested in the PTA Cruise Co-marketing program, please provide the info below and we will be in contact with you shortly. No obligation from you whatsoever for filling in the forms - this is an exploration only. Rest assured, we don't share your contact information with anyone.
  • Your Name
  • School Name, City and State
  • We will prepare a few choices for ports and dates that are convenient for your school, and share back with you.