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Tromso, Norway Overview

Tromsø is the eighth-largest municipality in Norway with a population 69,116, and the centre of the ninth-largest urban area, with a population of 58,486.The city is home to the world’s most northerly university and also houses the most northerly botanical garden and planetarium.

The city center is located on the east side of the Tromsøya — over 300 kilometres (190 mi) inside the Arctic Circle at 69°40′33″N 18°55′10″E. Suburban areas include Kroken, Tromsdalen,the rest of the Tromsøya island, and the eastern part of the large Kvaløya, west of the Tromsøya island. The Tromsø Bridge and Tromsøysund Tunnel both cross the Tromsøysundet strait connecting the mainland with Tromsøya by road. On the western side of the city, the Sandnessund Bridge connects Tromsøya island with Kvaløya island.

There are many tall mountains within the municipality including Hamperokken, Jiehkkevárri, Store Blåmann, Store Fornestinden, and Tromsdalstinden. The Lyngen Alps mountain range lies along the Tromsø-Lyngen municipal border. There are many islands within the municipality of Tromsø including Hillesøya, Kvaløya, Rebbenesøya, Ringvassøya, Sommarøya, and Tromsøya. There are also several fjords that are located in Tromsø including the Balsfjorden, Kaldfjorden, Malangen, and Ullsfjorden.

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Detailed Map of Tromso, Norway

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Tromsø experiences a subarctic climate because winter temperatures are just cold enough to qualify and the summer season is short.