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Puka Rua, Tuamotu Islands Overview

Pukarua, sometimes also listed as “Pukaruha” , is a coral atoll in the eastern Tuamotu Archipelago. The nearest atoll, Reao, is located 48 km to the ESE.

Pukarua Atoll is 17 km long and its maximum width is 4.5 km. It has a long island on its northeastern reef, shaped somewhat like a fish hook, as well as a number of small islands. The atoll is surrounded by a coral reef without a proper passage. There is a pier from which small to medium-sized ships can be launched.

The only village is Marautagaroa, populated by about 100 inhabitants.

The atoll’s lagoon is interesting for snorkelers because of the presence of giant clams.

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Detailed Map of Puka Rua, Tuamotu Islands

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