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Prince Rupert, BC, Canada Overview

Prince Rupert is a port city in the province of British Columbia, Canada. It is the land, air, and water transportation hub of British Columbia’s North Coast. Prince Rupert is situated on Kaien Island (approximately 770 km (480 mi) north of Vancouver), just north of the mouth of Skeena River, and linked by a short bridge to the mainland. The city is located along the island’s northwestern shore, fronting on Prince Rupert Harbour.

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Detailed Map of Prince Rupert, BC, Canada

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Prince Rupert has an oceanic climate (Köppen Cfb) and is also located in a temperate rainforest. Prince Rupert is known as “The City of Rainbows”[citation needed], as it is Canada’s wettest city, with 2,590 millimetres (102 in) of annual precipitation on average, 2,470 millimetres (97.2 in) of that total being rain; ount of sunshine annually. Tourist brochures boast about Prince Rupert’s “100 days of sunshine”[citation needed]. Out of Canada’s 100 largest cities, Prince Rupert had the coolest summer with an average high of 15.67C (60.2F). Winters in Prince Rupert are mild by Canadian standards, with the average afternoon temperature in December, January and February being 5.2C (41.4F) which is the tenth warmest in Canada, only being surpassed by other British Columbia cities.

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