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Martinique Overview

Martinique is the 3rd largest island in the Lesser Antilles after Trinidad and Guadeloupe. The island is volcanic in origin, lying along the subduction fault where the North American Plate slides beneath the Caribbean Plate. Martinique is located in the Caribbean Sea about 450 km (280 mi) northeast of the coast of South America and about 700 km (435 mi) southeast of the Dominican Republic. The total area of Martinique is 1,100 square kilometres (420 sq mi), of which 40 square km (15 sq mi) is water and the rest land.

The north of the island is mountainous.The south is more easily traversed, though it still features some impressive geographic features. Because it is easier to travel and because of the many beaches and food facilities throughout this region, the south receives the bulk of the tourist traffic. The beaches from Pointe de Bout, through Diamant , St. Luce, the department of St. Anne and down to Les Salines are popular.

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The weather remains same throughout the year. so there are no particular seasons in Martinique, temperatures change only about “5” degrees from summer to winter. The vast majority of tourists visits to Martinique during the winter to enjoy 80-degree temperatures, warm tropical waters and Caribbean hospitality. Avg high temperature is 28(C) and low average temperature is 21(C).