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Istanbul, Turkey Overview

Istanbul is located in north-western Turkey within the Marmara Region on a total area of 5,343 square kilometers.The Bosphorus, which connects the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea, divides the city into a European, Thracian side—comprising the historic and economic centers—and an Asian, Anatolian side. The city is further divided by the Golden Horn, a natural harbor bounding the peninsula where the former Byzantium and Constantinople were founded. The confluence of the Sea of Marmara, the Bosphorus, and the Golden Horn at the heart of present-day Istanbul has deterred attacking forces for thousands of years and still remains a prominent feature of the city’s landscape.

Following the model of Rome, the historic peninsula is said to be characterized by seven hills, each topped by imperial mosques. The easternmost of these hills is the site of Topkapı Palace on the Sarayburnu.Rising from the opposite side of the Golden Horn is another, conical hill, where the modern Beyoglu district is situated. Because of the topography, buildings in Beyoglu were once constructed with the help of terraced retaining walls, and roads were laid out in the form of steps.

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Detailed Map of Istanbul, Turkey

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Istanbul has a borderline Mediterranean climate,humid subtropical climate and oceanic climate,due to its location on a transitional climatic zone.