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Gorgona Island, Colombia Overview

The island of Gorgona has total area of 26 km2. It is located 35 km from the continent in front of the Department of Cauca, separated by a 270 m deep depression. Southwest of Gorgona, there is another much smaller island called Gorgonilla. Gorgonilla has an area of 48.99 hectares. Gorgona and Gorgonilla are separated by the Tasca strait, which is 400 m long. Before an earthquake on 31 March 1983, it was possible to cross from Gorgona to Gorgonilla by foot during low tide.

Several rock islets are found southwest of Gorgonilla, of which the largest is called “El Viudo”. There are other rock islets located at the northern tip of Gorgona called Rocas del Horno. They are separated from Gorgona by Bocas de Horno.These rocks rise up almost vertically out of the ocean.

The terrain of Gorgona is mountainous with the highest peak, Cerro La Trinidad, at a height of 338 m.As well, the backbone of the island consists of the peaks Los Micos, La Esperanza y El Mirador. Gorgonilla has a maximum height of 90 m.

On the eastern side of the island there are white sand beaches made up of coral reef detritus. On the western side there are mostly cliffs battered by the sea and a couple of sandy beaches. Pizarro Beach is located on the northeastern shore and is named as such because it is believed this is where Francisco Pizarro first landed.

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Detailed Map of Gorgona Island, Colombia

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