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Bilbao, Spain Overview

Bilbao is located on the Basque threshold, the range between the larger Cantabrian Mountains and the Pyrenees.The composition of the soil is predominated by mesozoic materials sedimented over a primitive paleozoic base.The province relief is dominated by NW-SE and WNW-ESE oriented folds. The main fold is the anticline of Bilbao, that runs from the municipality of Elorrio to Galdames.Inside Bilbao there are two secondary folds, one in the northeast, composed by mounts Artxanda, Avril, Banderas, Pikota, San Bernabé, and Cabras; and other in the south, composed by mounts Kobetas, Restaleku, Pagasarri and Arraiz. The highest point in the municipality is mount Ganeta, of 689 metres (2,260 ft), followed by mount Pagasarri, of 673 metres (2,208 ft), both on the border with Alonsotegi.

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Extreme record observations in Bilbao are 42.2 °C (108.0 °F) maximum and −8.6 °C (16.5 °F) minimum.