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Bear Island, Norway Overview

Agencies of the Norwegian government have conducted Hydrographic surveys of the waters of Svalbard throughout the 20th century, namely “Norges Svalbard- og Ishavsundersøkelser” since 1928, its successor, the Norwegian Polar Institute since 1948, and the Norwegian Hydrographic Service since 1984.Land surveying and mapping are the responsibilities of the Polar Institute.

Bear Island lies 235 kilometres (146 mi) south of mainland Spitsbergen and 397 kilometres (247 mi) NNW of Ingøy in mainland Norway. In the westernmost part of the Barents Sea on Spitsbergen Bank, which extends southward from Spitsbergen and Edgeøya, forming a part of the continental shelf. Water depths near the island and to the north and east do not much exceed 100 metres (328 ft), but become much greater to the south, and especially some thirty nautical miles to the west, where the continental shelf slopes into the deep water of the Norwegian Sea and Greenland Sea.

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Detailed Map of Bear Island, Norway

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